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About the Author:

Scott Lindquist, C.P.P., C.P.S.

Scott Lindquist is a certified crime prevention practitioner and crime prevention specialist.

He is a graduate of the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute, and has written three

non-fiction books on rape prevention. He has been featured internationally in Cosmopolitan magazine (both US & UK) as well as other magazines in the Caribbean and in Australia.

He has given hundreds of crime prevention seminars and been interviewed on hundreds of TV

and radio stations worldwide. He has made it his life’s work to find solutions to violence against women. This new fiction work carries on his commitment to find solutions to gender injustice

at its very core. He is a committed follower of the Christ and is a member of Unity.

The Jesus Factory An Adventure Novel of the
Spirit that Reveals the Lost
Message of the Hidden Apostle The JESUS FACTORY

An Adventure Novel of the Spirit

that Reveals the Lost Message of

the Hidden Apostle

Scott Lindquist



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The Jesus Factory...

The Jesus Factory is the story of love, faith, ambition, greed and power. It reaches into each one of us to our very core; challenging our long-held beliefs and identity as Christians. In the midst of our own dark night of the soul, we can find hope and a new spiritual truth, if we have the courage to face our own belief systems. This is the story of a new journey of faith and a new gospel which was lost. Your journey will bring you face to face with the lost message of the hidden Apostle. This controversial book will take you to new heights and fill you with hope as you find your own new spiritual identity.